The City of Chicago Grants Permit for Puppy Mill Awareness Day March

Earlier today The Puppy Mill Project got word that the City of Chicago has granted the permit to march for Puppy Mill Awareness Day!

On Sunday, September 30, 2012 at 12:00pm, The Puppy Mill Project and its supporters will peacefully march down Michigan Avenue to celebrate Puppy Mill Awareness Day and honor The Mothers in the Mills.

Puppy Mill Awareness Day was created ten years ago by Carol Araneo-Mayer, a national and international advocate for the breeding stock locked in commercial kennels and puppy mills.  Celebrations and vigils will be held throughout the country in late September, the largest being held in Austin, Texas.

“Chicago needs to follow the cities across America that have banned the sale of dogs in retail locations. Puppy mill dogs are being tortured this very minute and it must come to an end.  Lawmakers and government officials need make the right decisions to end this animal cruelty”, stated Cari Meyers of The Puppy Mill Project.

When the Puppy Mill Project supporters assemble on Michigan Avenue this September, they plan to peacefully march from the Chicago River down Michigan Avenue to the Hancock Building and back.  They will be spreading the word and educating the public about puppy mills.

You can help support The Puppy Mill Project’s cause by registering for the event.

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Why We Do What We Do

For all of those that wonder why we do what we do:


I received a call yesterday morning from a very distraught woman who had purchased a Bulldog puppy for almost $3000 at Petland in Crystal Lake, Il. She was able to get “credit” to buy this…dog from a credit company right down the street. She has two children and another dog and did not know about puppy mills until now. The now was when the puppy that they all fell head over heals in love with for only a short two weeks, died of pneumonia. The vet that checked him(Petland’s vet) said he was fine. Petland said “Sometimes that happens, he did not get sick here”. I won’t go into the rest of the details but he went to a second vet who confirmed the pneumonia diagnosis.

The “breeder” Rosemary Woods of Missouri, is the “reputable” breeder Petland told her the puppy came from. We all know the truth here. She is a USDA approved breeder with hundreds of dogs on her property.
Yesterday afternoon they buried that little guy in the yard. His name was Murphy. Another family who had to explain to their little children what happened to their new puppy.Another family with huge vet bills and credit card bills that will last longer than Murphy’s life. Every day over and over this scene is played out across this country. Textbook case. What did Murphy ever do to deserve this? What about his mother in Rosemary Wood’s mill ? She’s still churning out more puppies until she dies. What did this loving family ever do to suffer like this?
This is animal cruelty in it’s largest form.  Thousands of dogs suffering and dying every day at the hands of greedy, cruel monsters.  Please help us raise awareness and stop the cruel world of puppy mills. Do it for Murphy.

Act By Monday To Stick Up For Mill Dogs!

The USDA has officially announced a draft of their new rules that would require Internet breeders selling multiple puppies and kittens to be federally licensed and regulated by the U.S.Dept of Agriculture. This is the first time any kind of Internet regulation has been proposed.

The new rules require large-scale dog and cat breeders selling their unseen puppies and kittens who sell over the internet, phone, or mail to be licensed and regulated.  This is to to make sure they have been provided with humane standards of care.

Please send in your comments to the USDA in support of these changes by Monday.  Please hurry, this is your last chance to submit comments!

Submit your comments online to tell the USDA that you support stronger regulation of internet puppy mills or at the following address:

Docket No. APHIS-2011-0003-0001
Regulatory Analysis and Development
PPD, APHIS, Station 3A-03.8
4700 River Road Unit 118
Riverdale, MD 20737-1238

Learn More

What do I say?

1. The proposed rules are necessary to ensure that all breeding animals are monitored for their health and humane treatment regardless if their puppies are sold in pet stores or over the Internet.

2. The proposed rules will protect consumers who purchase a puppy sight unseen over the Internet and will help ensure that they receive a healthy puppy.

3. These rules will help encourage dog breeders to open their doors to the public so buyers can see the conditions in which their new puppy is raised or be subject to inspections by USDA.

4. These rules will help concentrate the regulatory efforts of USDA on those facilities that present the greatest risk to the welfare of the animals.

5. These rules will hold breeders accountable to normal sensible regulations that good reputable breeders are already doing and will not place an undue burden on any responsible breeder.

6. Thank USDA for proposing these rules and encourage them to implement them as written.

This is your opportunity to truly make a difference for the animals.  You can be assured that the dog breeders and their allies will be swamping USDA with letters of protest.  We need you to refute any such attempts to weaken USDA’s proposed new rules.

Creating a Compassionate Future

This summer, The Puppy Mill Project is giving a series of nine presentations at various animal shelters to educate young people about the issue of puppy mills.

The children, ages ranging from 6-12 years old, are learning in an age-appropriate manner about puppy mills, adoption, rescue, and what dogs need to live a happy life.  Since we never want to leave with unanswered questions, we always have a question and answer session at the end.  With a powerpoint presentation and interactive activities, TPMP is teaching the younger generations in the hope that they will be future compassionate consumers.

Taking place during camps, we are giving presentations at Anderson Animal Shelter in South Elgin and DuPage Animal Care and Control in Wheaton.

These presentations are crucial for children to understand what puppy mills are, where puppy mill dogs are sold, how mill dogs are treated, and that the children/families can make a difference simply by adopting/rescuing instead of shopping.

We are trying to help the children understand how inhumane mills are and how they can take action.  They are the future consumers who will hopefully make compassionate choices when they become adults and can impact their parents by sharing what they learned in the presentation.  These partnerships with the humane education camps are a win-win for all parties involved.

So far we have recieved rave reviews about these presentations and the children highly enjoy them.  At the same time, they are taking home a valuable lesson that will influence their choices in years to come and they leave the presenations knowing they can make an immediate difference by spreading the word.  The best part?  We educated 180 young people who will in return educate their family and friends.  The power of youth outreach is outstanding!

Help Support TPMP!

Fields Auto Group is running a simple online event to bring awareness to their new Facebook presence and to donate to a worthy cause. To support TPMP, all one must do is simply “like” their Facebook Page and tell them that we are your favorite charity. If chosen Fields Auto Group will donate $1,000 dollars to us.  Thank you for supporting TPMP!

Click HERE to go to their Facebook page.

Join us in this year’s pride parade!

Join us and invite your friends, neighbors, and family members to join us in this year’s Gay Pride Parade!  March with TPMP’s float to educate millions of parade-goers about puppy mills.
When: Sunday, June 24, 12 noon
Where: Montrose/Broadway area.  Exact line up location to be announced.
Contact: Please RSVP to to let us know how many will be attending.
This event draws millions of people from all communities, many of which live in neighborhoods that have pet shops in operation.  Therefore, we need a presence in the parade.  The parade is a great time and our float looks amazing, with a sound system pumping music to add to it.  Can you handle the challange of having fun and spreading our message all in the same day?  Walk with us to make a difference!
Please no children or dogs at this event. Our walkers will be passing out our TPMP beads and carrying banners.  Please wear TPMP t-shirts and comfortable shoes for walking (no one will be riding on the float).  Also, bring water and the spirit to celebrate a day of diversity, acceptance, and puppy mill education.  The mill dogs are depending on us!  Come out and have a great time.
Some pictures from last year’s parade…